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Four Way Stretch Fabric

Four-way stretch fabric is a type of fabric that has elasticity in both vertical and horizontal directions. It is usually made from elastic fibers and yarns. It has excellent stretchability and recovery, allowing it to be stretched in multiple directions and then return to its original shape when relaxed. Four-way stretch fabric is widely used in garment manufacturing.

For instance:

  • Women's clothing,pants, skirts, tops,

  • Men's clothing,casual wear and outdoor functional jackets.

Here are the application scenarios of four-way stretch fabric in garments:


Four-way stretch fabric is commonly used in the production of sports pants, sports tops, sports bras, and other sportswear because it provides greater comfort and freedom of movement.


Four-way stretch fabric is commonly used in casual pants, casual tops, dresses, and other casualwear, providing a better wearing experience and comfort.

Conventional Four Way Stretch Fabric Fast Delivery

Our regular base fabrics support fast delivery, check out our 4-way stretch fabrics that support fast delivery now
Item No.DescriptionContentWeight(GSM)Width (CM)
0006polyester 4-way plain stretch fabric50D+20DSP*50D+20DSP70148-150CM
0001polyester 4-way dobby checks stretch fabric75D+40DSP*75D+40DSP145148-150CM
0069polyester 4-way plain stretch fabric75D+40DSP*75D+40DSP125148-150CM
0005polyester 4-way plain stretch fabric75D+40DSP*75D+40DSP104148-150CM
0017polyester 4 way 2-ply stretch fabric75D+40DSP*75D+40DSP185148-150CM
0018polyester 4 way 2-ply stretch fabric75D+40DSP*100D+40DSP200-210148-150CM
0019polyester 4 way 2-ply stretch fabric85D+20DSP*110D+20DSP200-210148-150CM
0068polyester 4 way 2-ply stretch fabric85D+20DSP*85D+20DSP185148-150CM
0012polyester 4-way plain stretch fabric100D+40DSP*100D+40DSP140148-150CM
0013polyester 4-way plain stretch fabric100D+40DSP*100D+40DSP180148-150CM
0023polyester 4-way plain stretch fabric100D+20DSP*100D+20DSP105148-150CM
0009polyester high stretch plain fabric100D(High stretch)*100D(High stretch)97148-150CM
0007polyester 4-way twill stretch fabric100D+40DSP*100D+40DSP180148-150CM
0014polyester 4-way twill stretch fabric100D+40DSP*100D+40DSP140148-150CM
0015polyester 4-way twill stretch fabric100D+40DSP*100D+40DSP230148-150CM
0020polyester 4-way twill stretch fabric110D+20DSP*110D+20DSP170148-150CM
0021polyester 4-way twill stretch fabric110D+20DSP*110D+20DSP150148-150CM
0010polyester 4-way moss crepe stretch fabric100D+40DSP*100D+40DSP185148-150CM
0011polyester Cationic 4-way plain stretch fabric10040(poly cationic) *10040(poly cationic)130148-150CM
0064polyester 4-way plain stretch fabric150D+40DSP*150D+40DSP150148-150CM
0033polyester 4-way twill stretch fabric150D+40DSP*150D+40DSP180148-150CM
0053polyester high stretch yarn twill fabric150D(High stretch)*150D(High stretch)145148-150CM
0067polyester high stretch yarn twill fabric150D(High stretch)*300D(High stretch)180148-150CM
0063polyester Cationic 4-way plain stretch fabric150D+40DSP*200D+40DSP/200D185148-150CM
0056LEOLEA yarn twill fabric170D(LEOLEA)*170D(LEOLEA)135148-150CM
0057LEOLEA high stretch yarn plain fabric170D(LEOLEA high stretch)*170D(LEOLEA high stretch)125148-150CM

Production of Irregular 4-Way Stretch Fabric

We provide customized irregular 4-way stretch fabric

Delivery time




More Pattern Support

We introduce over 100 new designs every month to ensure that we always have a wide selection of styles. We committed to providing customers with comprehensive choices to meet their preferences and needs on market.

Customization Based on Samples

We support customizing four-way stretch fabrics based on samples



Dyeing Support

We can provide a color palette that is currently popular in the season, and offer color matching suggestions that go well with it.


2000meters | Per color

Four Way Stretch Fabric Quality Standards and Inspection Process

Our regular base fabrics support fast delivery, check out our 4-way stretch fabrics that support fast delivery now

Determine the inspection quantity

100% fabrics should be inspected


Selection of inspection lot or roll number

Fabric inspector can select all fabric pieces to be inspected based on the factory' quality standard, ensuring that all colors,patterns and package are covered.


Fabric quantity inspection

Verify that the actual quantity matches the supplier's detailed code list, package inner code list, and fabric roll mark quantity.


Inspect the fabric's color and texture

Verify if the color and texture of the fabric match the color swatch and quality sample provided by the client.


Check the width of the fabric

Measure the actual width of the fabric at the fabric edge, fabric middle, and fabric end. The fabric width should meet the requirements stated in the order.


Color inspection

Defect inspection: Inspection should be carried out on a fabric inspection machine at an appropriate speed to ensure clear visibility. Improper speed will affect the accuracy of the inspection.


Inspection of defects

The inspection should be conducted on a fabric inspection machine, at a suitable speed that allows for clear visibility. Inappropriate speed can affect the accuracy of the inspection. During the inspection of defects, only visible defects that will affect garment processing and appearance should be scored.


Count the number of defects

Count the number of non-conforming fabric rolls, and after completing the entire inspection, tally the number of defects to determine if it is acceptable.


Four Way Stretch Fabrics Packaging

Standard packaging: All fabrics are packed in rolls, external plastic bags and PE woven bagsSpecial packaging: Can be customized according to customer requirements.

Four Way Stretch Fabric Order Generation Process Flowchart

SustFut focuses on sustainable development and has green ecological environmental protection certification

Step 1

Detailed product information

Step 2

Confirmed delivery date&shipping terms

Step 3

Agreed payment terms

Step 4

Po signing

Step 5

Visualized production process & shipping status

Customer Reviews About Sustfut Four Way Stretch Fabrics

We aim to provide quality services to our customers that they remember. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal to achieve.

Customer from UK

Choosing SustFut is one of our wisest decisions. Not only do they provide high-quality products, but their service is also very professional. Their team was always proactive and made sure our needs were met.

Customer from France

SustFut has always been a stable partner of ours. As long as I think of the latest popular styles, they can always quickly prototype and provide them stably. For a clothing factory like us, which is not a big one, this kind of partner is great.

Customer from Germany

I’m so happy to know SustFut through a friend’s introduction. There’s never been a problem with the fabric quality, the delivery is stable, and they help our brand develop fabrics with customized patterns. Thank you so much.

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SustFut focuses on sustainable development and has green ecological environmental protection certification

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