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5 Common Challenges Faced by Manufacturers

Worry about uneven prices and quality in the market?
Worried that the procurement categories are scattered and the purchasing process is cumbersome?
Worried that the goods cannot be delivered on time?
Worried that the goods cannot be delivered to the designated address?
Difficult to identify which supplier is trustworthy?

Challenge 1

Worry about uneven prices and quality in the market?

It is very difficult to compare the suppliers in the market, and it takes long time to choose. We understand the challenge of comparing suppliers in the market. That's why we strive to make the process easy for you. As a trusted source factory, we offer clear and transparent information about our pricing. Our detailed quotes and breakdowns of costs, along with explanations of any surcharges or fees, ensure that you have a complete understanding of the investment you're making.Furthermore, our commitment to quality is evident throughout our production process. We implement strict quality control measures, including thorough inspections and meticulous documentation of materials and products, to ensure that every item meets our high standards.With over 30 years of professional experience in the textile industry, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality goods that exceed your expectations.

Challenge 2

Solution for scattered procurement categories and cumbersome purchasing process.

Comprehensive Procurement Capability

We have abundant resources and a robust supply chain network to provide clients with a one-stop procurement solution, assisting manufacturers in centralized procurement of necessary raw materials and components, thereby streamlining the procurement process.

Timely Inventory Management

We support the adoption of just-in-time inventory management methods, helping clients avoid excessive inventory and reduce procurement frequency, thereby simplifying the procurement process and lowering procurement costs.

Supplier Selection Capability

We are adept at assisting clients in screening and establishing partnerships with high-quality suppliers, aiding manufacturers in consolidating their supplier base and reducing procurement and management costs.

Digital Procurement Platform

We offer a digital procurement platform and electronic procurement tools to help clients achieve an efficient procurement process, including automated and transparent procurement inquiries, ordering, and payment processes.

Customized Supply Chain Capability

We are capable of providing clients with tailored supply chain solutions, designing procurement and inventory management processes based on their specific requirements, thus simplifying the procurement process and improving efficiency.

Challenge 3

How to ensure that the goods can be delivered on time and directly to the project address?

In the contract, the delivery time is a very important clause, and it is especially important for the manufacturer. There will be extra costs for the goods to arrive early or late. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the goods arrive at the designated place at a safe time.This actually tests the logistics management ability of us. We often have more cost-effective logistics channels (because for logistics companies, efficient and attentive service is required to ensure our continuous cooperation), Moreover, the shipping price/service will directly affect your logistics cost and cargo safety.With more than 30 years business experience, Yoniner has a stable and excellent logistics partner in Shanghai/Ningbo port, and the timeliness is guaranteed. In addition, we also have logistics guarantee clauses. If the goods cannot arrive in time due to our company Additional losses shall be fully borne by our company.

Challenge 4

How to confirm whether the supplier is worthy of cooperation?

This is a question every buyer will encounter, and we have written an article to help you learn how to find a qualified textile supplier. 

Please refer to :How To Choose A Qualified textile Manufacturer?

We have rich styles and patterns, inventory in stock, stable qualityand stable logistics. In order to produce high-quality textiles in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner, textile manufacturers must have modern machinery, skilled workers, professional fabric experts, sustainable factories, and more. These are the elements that can truly help your textile production line stand out. If they don't have these, so be prepared to take your time when deciding to search for a manufacturer. It might take a while.

Unless you want to give us a try. To do so, fill out the contact form (Four-Way Stretch FabricBlackout Curtain FabricFinished Curtain Customize) . If you can provide as many details about your potential order as possible.

Challenge 5

Why Work With SustFut?

SustFut, founded in 1990, has always focused on the manufacturing of apparel fabrics and curtain fabrics. As a leading enterprise in the Chinese textile industry, we dominate the Chinese market in four-way stretch and blackout fabrics, and have been recognized by the China Textile Industry Association as a top supplier. We have two large production bases in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, and Anji, Huzhou, covering an area of over 300,000 square meters, and employing more than 2,300 professional staff.

Some of the Benefits of SustFut as Custom Textile Manufacturer

Honest cooperation

We are an ethical textile manufacturer.

Focus on fabrics

We have been making textile since 1990.

Sustainable manufacturing

We’ll make your textile line from a sustainable material and we’ll make it using sustainable methods.

Industry certification

We have already got many certificates such as GRS Certificate, SC-GRS Certificate, SGS-CSTC Certificate in the oversea market,and lots of certificate in China.

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30+ years of fabric manufacturing, industry-leading experience and quality
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Certification You Can Trust

SustFut focuses on sustainable development and has green ecological environmental protection certification

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30+ years of fabric manufacturing, industry-leading experience and quality
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