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Enhance the beauty and functionality of any space with our premium customized curtain fabric. As a leading manufacturer, we offer a wide range of high-quality materials that can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Our curtains are not only visually appealing but also designed to elevate the ambiance and functionality of any room.

Residential Settings

Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home with our customized curtain fabric. Choose from a variety of styles, patterns, and colors to match your interior decor perfectly. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or a more traditional aesthetic, our tailored curtains will transform your living room, bedroom, or any other space into a personal haven.

Commercial Spaces

Make a lasting impression on clients and customers with our customized curtain fabric. Add a touch of sophistication and professionalism to your office, hotel, or retail space.

Hospitality Industry

Provide your guests with a memorable experience by incorporating our customized curtain fabric into your hotel or resort. Create a tranquil and luxurious environment with blackout curtains for a good night's sleep, or add elegance to your dining areas with sheer curtains that allow natural light to filter through. Our curtains are designed to enhance the comfort and beauty of any hospitality space.

Healthcare Facilities

In healthcare settings, functionality and hygiene are crucial. Our customized curtain fabric is not only visually pleasing but also durable and easy to clean. Choose from antimicrobial and fire-retardant fabrics to ensure the safety and well-being of patients and staff. Our curtains can be customized to fit any healthcare facility, including hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.

Educational Institutions

Create a conducive learning environment for students with our customized curtain fabric. From vibrant colors to educational motifs, our curtains can enhance the aesthetics of classrooms, libraries, and auditoriums. Our fabrics are also carefully selected to provide optimal light filtration, ensuring that the learning spaces are well-lit and comfortable.

No matter the application, our customized curtain fabric is meticulously crafted to meet your specific requirements. With our attention to detail, expertise in fabric production, and dedication to customer satisfaction, we guarantee a seamless experience from design to delivery. Transform your space today with our premium curtain fabric. Contact us to discuss your project and let us bring your vision to life.

Conventional Blackout Curtain Fabric Fast Delivery

Our regular curtain fabrics support fast delivery, check out our blackout drapery fabrics that support fast delivery now
Item No.DescriptionContentWeight(GSM)Width (CM)
Double-sided linen look blackout drapery fabric150D DTY +100D Cationic+30D X 330D DTY black Y/D300-350280-300
HS051-1-38Thicker linen look blackout drapery fabric150D DTY +100D Cationic+30D X 330D DTY black Y/D300-350280-300
Two-toned sateen blackout drapery fabric150D DTY+ 150D Cationic X 330D DTY black Y/D270-350280-300
High density dull sateen blackout drapery fabric75D Dull DTY +75D Dull DTY X 200D DTY Black Y/D200-230280-300
HS020-1-50Single-sided black Y/D sateen blackout drapery fabric150D DTY + 150D Black DTY Y/D X 330D DTY BlackY/D270-330280-300
Single-sided shiny sateen fluffiness blackout drapery fabric75D shiny FDY + 122D (POY+FDY) X 300D DTY BlackY/D190-270280-300
Single-sided shiny sateen blackout drapery fabric75D shiny FDY + 75D Dull175-250280-300
Double-sided twill dull blackout drapery fabric75D dullDTY +75D Dull DTY * 330D DTY Black Y/D180-260280-300
HS053-3-72Two-toned high density dull sateen blackout drapery fabric81D Dull DTY+ 75D Cationic Dull DTY x 250D DTY black Y/D200-230280-300
Double-sided sateen blackout drapery fabric75D DTY+75D DTY X 330D DTY black Y/D220-270280-300

Production of Non-Conventional Curtain Fabric

We provide customized irregular curtain fabric

Delivery time




More Pattern Support

We introduce over 50 new designs every month to ensure that we always have a wide selection of styles. We committed to providing customers with comprehensive choices to meet their preferences and needs.

Customization Based on Samples

We support customizing curtain fabrics based on samples



Dyeing Support

We can provide a color palette that is currently popular in the season, and offer color matching suggestions that go well with it.


1200meters | Per color

Curtain Fabric Quality Standards and Inspection Process

Our regular base fabrics support fast delivery, check out our curatin fabrics that support fast delivery now

Determine the inspection quantity

100% fabrics should be inspected


Selection of inspection lot or roll number

Fabric inspector can select all fabric pieces to be inspected based on the factory' quality standard, ensuring that all colors,patterns and package are covered.


Fabric quantity inspection

Verify that the actual quantity matches the supplier's detailed code list, package inner code list, and fabric roll mark quantity.


Inspect the fabric's color and texture

Verify if the color and texture of the fabric match the color swatch and quality sample provided by the client.


Check the width of the fabric

Measure the actual width of the fabric at the fabric edge, fabric middle, and fabric end. The fabric width should meet the requirements stated in the order.


Color inspection

Defect inspection: Inspection should be carried out on a fabric inspection machine at an appropriate speed to ensure clear visibility. Improper speed will affect the accuracy of the inspection.


Inspection of defects

The inspection should be conducted on a fabric inspection machine, at a suitable speed that allows for clear visibility. Inappropriate speed can affect the accuracy of the inspection. During the inspection of defects, only visible defects that will affect garment processing and appearance should be scored.


Count the number of defects

Count the number of non-conforming fabric rolls, and after completing the entire inspection, tally the number of defects to determine if it is acceptable.


Curtain Fabrics Packaging

Standard packaging: All fabrics are packed in rolls, external plastic bags and PE woven bagsSpecial packaging: Can be customized according to customer requirements.

Curtain Fabric Order Generation Process Flowchart

SustFut focuses on sustainable development and has green ecological environmental protection certification

Step 1

Detailed product information

Step 2

Confirmed delivery date&shipping terms

Step 3

Agreed payment terms

Step 4

Po signing

Step 5

Visualized production process & shipping status

Customer Reviews About Sustfut Curtain Fabrics

We aim to provide quality services to our customers that they remember. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal to achieve.

Customer from UK

The quality of SustFut's curtain fabrics is our highest-end curtain fabric selection. The light-blocking properties and fabric texture are very good, and the styles are diverse. Our customers are very satisfied after using it.

Customer from France

We are a mid-to-high-end curtain brand. We have cooperated with SustFut for 5 years. I have always been reassured. The fabrics are of good quality and are always in stock. The quality of the accessories is also very durable.

Customer from Germany

Our curtain brand uses fabrics from SustFut. Now it is getting bigger and bigger, and has been well received by customers. The fabrics are very diverse, the quality is good, and the service is so enthusiastic. Thank you.

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SustFut focuses on sustainable development and has green ecological environmental protection certification

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