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Production Process Video

As China's top textile fabric manufacturer, Yoniner, from raw materials to finished products, what have we done?

1. Texturing
The concept of texturing that is often mentioned in the textile field refers to stretching and rolling polyester POY original fibers to make DTY yarn. This process is often called texturing. After being processed by the texturing machine, the DTY silk presents a structure similar to the spiral shape of instant noodles, which is then transformed into fabric through knitting or machine-made processes, making the final product softer and fluffier. Texturing machine is a kind of textile equipment. Its main function is to clamp and deform polyester and polypropylene yarns to form elastic fibers with medium elasticity and low elasticity. It can also be used to compound raw yarns and spandex yarns into Composite yarn.
2. Warping
Warping machines, also known as direct warping machines, are equipment used in the textile industry to prepare warp yarns for weaving or knitting. During the warping process, multiple yarns need to be wound on a large warp beam for subsequent processing equipment.
The warping machine consists of several components: creel, tensioning device and warping drum or reel.
A creel holds multiple packages or pagodas of yarn, usually arranged in a specific pattern to ensure proper yarn alignment and tension so that the yarn is evenly wound on the warp beam. Tension control is important for subsequent machining steps to prevent yarn breakage or irregularities.
The machine guides the yarn on the creel through various guides and separators to ensure that the yarn is kept separated and tangled when it is wound onto the warping cylinder or spool.
In the textile industry, warping machines are crucial to ensure efficient and precise warp yarn preparation to produce high-quality woven fabrics.
3. Weaving (water jet loom)
Water-jet looms are jet looms that use water as the weft insertion medium. The jet water generates friction and traction on the weft yarns, so that the weft yarns on the fixed bobbin are introduced into the shed. Due to the good concentration of water flow, there is no waterproof flow diffusion device on the water jet loom. Even so, the reed width can reach more than two meters.
The water jet loom has good water flow concentration, and the friction and traction force of water on the weft yarn is also large. Therefore, the weft yarn flying speed and loom speed of the water jet loom rank first among all types of looms. It is more suitable for weaving hydrophobic fiber yarns such as synthetic fibers and glass fibers.
4. Dyeing and finishing
A process based on chemical treatment of textile materials (fibers, yarns and fabrics). Dyeing and finishing together with spinning, weaving or knitting production form the entire process of textile production. Dyeing and finishing include pre-treatment, dyeing, printing and finishing.
The quality of dyeing and finishing has an important impact on the use value of textiles:
1) Pretreatment is also called bleaching. Its main purpose is to remove impurities on textile materials so that subsequent dyeing, printing, and finishing processes can proceed smoothly and achieve the expected processing results.
2) Dyeing is the physical or chemical combination of dyes and fibers to give textile materials a certain color.
3) Printing is to use color paste to obtain colorful patterns on textiles.
4) Finishing is to improve the luster, shape and other appearance of the fabric through physical effects or the use of chemical agents; to improve the wearing performance of the fabric or to make the fabric water-repellent, oil-repellent and other properties.

5. Rolling and packaging

Packaging and rolling according to customer needs.

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