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How To Choose A Qualified textile Manufacturer?

Are you looking for a reliable textile manufacturer?
Nowadays, it is very easy to find a textile manufacturer on the website,
Searching ‘textile manufacturer’ on Google can find a bunch of them, but the reality is that it took us a lot of time to select qualified suppliers, and we communicated for a long time and then confirmed that the supplier's ability does not meet the requirements.  How can we quickly identify a qualified textile supplier?
Why Work With Yoniner?
Yoniner, founded in 1990, has always focused on the manufacturing of apparel fabrics and curtain fabrics. As a leading enterprise in the Chinese textile industry, we dominate the Chinese market in four-way stretch and blackout fabrics, and have been recognized by the China Textile Industry Association as a top supplier. We have two large production bases in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, and Anji, Huzhou, covering an area of over 300,000 square meters, and employing more than 2,300 professional staff.
Some of the benefits of Yoniner as custom textile manufacturers
1.We are an ethical textile manufacturer.
2. We have been making textile since 1990.
3. We’ll make your textile line from a sustainable material and we’ll make it using sustainable methods.
4. We have already got many certificates such as GRS Certificate, SC-GRS Certificate, SGS-CSTC Certificate in the oversea market,and lots of certificate in China. 
  There are mainly three types of buyers in the international business of textile products, which are wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers; their needs are different, but they have a common need, which is to manage their own supply chain,  You must find a way to identify a textile manufacturer with trustworthy capabilities, Here are some clues that can help you learn whether a textile manufacturer has qualified capacity.
How do verify whether the textile manufacturer has qualified production capacity?
As a qualified factory, the most basic requirement is to have enough certificates, such as social responsibility certificate and ISO-14001 standard certificate; in addition, a qualified factory must be certified by a third party, such as SGS.
We can clearly identify the annual output value of the factory, production line conditions, organizational structure, product testing report, and product certificate in this report.
How do verify whether the textile manufacturer has qualified product quality?
Product quality is the basis of all transactions. Manufacturers that can produce high-quality textile have at least the most basic qualification certificates and a series of product testing reports.
How to verify that the textile manufacturer is worthy of long-term cooperation?
Every company wants to have a stable supply chain. A stable supply chain is not only related to the company's risk control, but also to the stability of the company's operations.
The corporation that are worthy of long-term cooperation must have at least 10 years of experience. You can make a basic judgment based on the company's establishment period. In theory, a company with a longer operating time will be more trustworthy than a company with a short operating time. 
In addition to some explicit capability assessments, we also need to pay attention to other capabilities of the supplier.
What Else Makes a great textile manufacturer?
Textile manufacturers should be ethical and sustainable. You can take the easy way like so many modern-slavery-benefiting inhumane huge brands and flat out lie about being sustainable and ethical.
Or you can do the right thing and actually find a factory that ticks all the boxes when it comes to fair working conditions and a positive impact on the environment. See it for yourself in this virtual tour of our facility in China.
Ethical / Eco-friendly
How to spot an ethical textile manufacturer?
  If the manufacturer is really ethical, their workers should have enough free time to have a life outside of work. Regarding the compensation, they should be paid at least the national minimum wage of their respective country. Also, they should receive bonus rates for overtime and work during weekends. That’s a bare minimum. You’d be surprised how often this isn’t the case.
This is where we as textile manufacturers believe to really stand out. All our employees:
Earn at least 20% more than the China minimum wage
Work eight-hour shifts
Receive overtime bonuses (which is a legal requirement often overlooked or misrepresented in the construction industry)
Receive birthday, childbirth, and marriage bonuses
How to spot an eco-friendly textile manufacturer?
Ideally, the manufacturer would either have the ISO standard or a social compliance certificate. Standards and certificates guarantee that all the processes in the factory are carried out in a way that’s safe for the environment. For instance: We have wastewater recycling system and solar power generation equipment.
In order to produce high-quality textiles in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner, textile manufacturers must have modern machinery, skilled workers, professional fabric experts, sustainable factories, and more. These are the elements that can truly help your textile production line stand out. If they don't have these, so be prepared to take your time when deciding to search for a manufacturer. It might take a while.
Unless you want to give us a try. To do so, contact us. If you can provide as many details about your potential order as possible.

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